It Was the Medical Education Sensation of the Year
and You Missed It!!

Did you though? If you didn’t attend the first Medicine Beyond seminar in Las Vegas last February, you missed out, big time! (don’t worry; solution below)

Of course not everyone could physically attend. We had people in from England, Canada, Australia and Switzerland, so they certainly made an effort. But admittedly, that was exceptional. Not everyone is free to do as they wish. Life, as John Lennon said, is what happens when you are busy making other plans…

Well now EVERYBODY can attend, in your own time and in your own home.

We decided from the first to have the whole weekend videoed for later consumption. You can now join in and learn some amazing stuff.

Two whole days packed with stunning cutting edge healing modalities. Some of these treatments are so new, very few people know about them.

Join Dr. Keith on this journey and lets explore Medicine Beyond (beyond the normal boundaries of physics and science)! The changes revealed in this seminar and cutting edge healing modalities are shaking the foundations of scientific convention and the old order is falling apart faster than you think….

Things are accepted and proven today that were scarcely believable a quarter of century ago.

Mainstream science has effectively become junk science. The world does not work the way you were told when you were younger.

That’s why you need be on this amazing journey that is called Medicine Beyond!

Tour-De-Force (French for: a feat of strength or skill)

Dr. Keith was in flying form and delivered a tour-de-force of power lecturing. He was on the stand for almost the entire two days, talking, talking, talking…

Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, HMD, PhD, delivering choice content.

Topics ranged from DNA’s evident telepathic qualities to ball lightning apparently simulating alien abductions; micro-current miracle healing to multi-media brainwave entrainment; the native American Indian model called “The Human Assemblage Point” to Keith’s friend Norman Shealy talking about the “Ring of Air”—a little-known circuit within the body that can be used to trigger oxytocin; the complex of self (more than one functional identity) to people who can light up electrical lamps, just by touching them.

There is s-o m-u-c-h material in this set of videos, you’ll be left gasping for air!

It also included Dr. Keith’s most sensational talk “The Non-Material Nature Of Substances and Medicines” (more of that later).   

MEDICINE BEYOND Covers Everything in the Known & Unknown Universe”

Every page is loaded with remarkable wisdom and intriguing concepts. It is indeed a book to read and to think about the fact that “reality” as understood by scientists and by each of us is far different from that taught historically and currently. 

Just a few of the tremendous conclusions:

“The fact is that everything is spiritual or divine, from our own origins, to the structure and make-up of the so-called material universe.”

“It comes down to this: the so-called objective universe has no meaning, no reality, without us. This is far beyond the observer effect, which troubles scientists enough as it is. We ARE the reality, not just looking at it”

“Once you let go of formal concepts of time and space, anything can happen”
This is THE book to help you let go of the past and move excitingly into whatever the future means or brings! The most exciting book of the 21st century!

-C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
Founder and CEO, National Institute of Holistic Medicine

Seminar Testimonials

My husband and I came to the Medicine Beyond seminar to learn more from Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby’s insightful views, there’s A LOT to learn!” 
-Betty Lou, Canada

Dr. Mumby is a very interesting doctor, that you can learn a lot from – especially from the alternative point of view.  It’s certainly worth you taking the time to check out the Medicine Beyond seminar!” 
-Dave Hopkins, Reno, NV

I really appreciate the information Dr. Scott-Mumby shared at his seminar.  His “assemblage point” is something I’ve never heard or seen before.  It’s very interesting.  It’s a very high quality and thought provoking seminar, I look forward to sharing this information with others.”  

I came here not really knowing what to expect, I was going to have knee surgery in a couple of weeks but now I’m not going to. Because I had this treatment and I’m 75% better already!  Now, I won’t be having knee surgery, but I’ll keep up with these treatments and I know I’ll be fine!”
-Nora Arriola, Ocala, FL 

We decided to make these videos available as downloads and/or online streaming. There are no plans at present, to offer them in a DVD format. The advantage of digital streaming and downloads to you is that it’s far cheaper than buying a set of a dozen DVDs and having them shipped. For those of you not familiar with this delivery mode, it’s pretty easy and the instructions are very good.

These days it’s important to make sure that videos play OK on a smart phone or a tablet too. We have taken care of that. So you can usefully watch and learn while on the go, sitting in your favorite coffee shop (don’t forget your ear buds!)

Important Note: We have added some bonus videos that are NOT part of the Medicine Beyond model, but they will be very useful to you.

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Lecture Topics Separately Discussed

As already indicated, there is so much unique and informative material here, you’ll be short of breath just listening!

Here is a short synopsis of some of the key lectures...

Multimodal Sensory Stimulation (MMSS)

Our brains are so hammered with random “noise” it will be good to learn something that will calm and protect us from too much harm. Not only that but this multimedia approach is capable of enhancing memory, speeding learning, relaxing, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress hormones (cortisol etc.) and even creating transcendental experiences.

For Health Practitioners: here's a way to add $10,000s to your bottom line.

Introducing Plant Consciousness
(no, really!)

We had a concert performed by a plant, singing electronically via a special apparatus. She doesn’t play requests but it will entrance you! It entranced the live audience.

The point is that if plants can “sing” and recognize humans without any neurological apparatus, what does that tell you about consciousness? IT DOESN’T NEED A BRAIN… correct!

The Electric Universe Revealed

A whole new model of reality that is fast gaining ground dispenses with the need for gravity. Dr. Keith shares ONE diagram of an experimental observation, which proves that gravity cannot exist in the form that science believes. Some top physicists and biologists are jumping on board. How much of it is true doesn’t even matter at this stage. The point is that electricity powers our universe and that can no longer be ignored.

For us it’s really important, because our biological nature is electrical NOT biochemical. Nutrition, at bottom, is electrical (this will be explained). That means electrical healing is powerful and important.

High Voltage Syndrome

The strange phenomenon of people who literally glow with electricity, can give massive electrical shocks, just by touching someone and can light up lamp bulbs, just by holding them! We’ll also be able to debate the “alien abduction” phenomenon, which evidence suggests is simply a momentary electrical field phenomenon, a cold plasma, that knocks a person out and leaves them with a dazed and floating feeling.

Micro-Current Therapy Revealed

Our good friends Drs. John and Lorraine Haché are on hand to help explain and demonstrate the powerful healing results that can be obtained using a portable, hand-held device.

John has founded The Institute Of Applied Electrophysiology. John was among the very first people the Russians approached, outside the Soviet Union, for help marketing the amazing SCENAR. Today there are even more advanced devices than the SCENAR.

Once again there is an opportunity for practitioners to add valuable extra skills (more clients).

The Non-Material Nature of Substances & Medicines

This mind-blowing lecture has excited audiences all over the world. It takes three separate scientific (laboratory) proofs that the real nature of chemical substances is not “stuff”.

In fact when no substance is present but an energetic signal remains, there are still demonstrable biological effects.

This is a MUSTN’T MISS for health practitioners, particularly those in the bioresonance and EAV fields. It explains everything! But everyone will find this new world of biological effects with no “substance” present utterly fascinating.

Wave Genetics

It has become obvious that DNA does not act as physical “stuff” or substance but has transmitting wave properties. As revealed in Medicine Beyond, DNA could be a messenger from outer space. Why? Natural plasmas, which occur everywhere in the universe, have been shown to develop the double helix model quite spontaneously. Plasmas are life, as you will learn. There is no way to prove that these are not a conscious life form.

The Human Assemblage Point

This amazing additional talk was given via Skype by Dr. Jon Whale, a world-expert and pioneer of this model.

The human assemblage point (HAP) is an authentic Western energy model, from the Native American tradition. Originally it was popularized by Carlos Castaneda and his fictional Yaqui shaman, Don Juan. But Carlos seems to have got his facts somewhat confused.
Not so Jon Whale, who was taught the tradition by Swiftdeer (who learned it from Tom “Two Bears” Wilson), both real life non-fictional shamans. Jon was charged with spreading this methodology and has done so dutifully in his many books, starting with The Shaman’s Blow.

HAP is not related to the Chinese model (TCM) or to Ayurveda (prana) though it could be argued all are talking about the same vital life force. Shifting the Assemblage Point to a favorable position (quickly done) has saved many lives. Dr. Keith was taught by Jon in 1996 and saw him transform a number of patients, including one who couldn’t walk, with just one simple “shaman’s blow”.


Healing Change

Internationally-known celebrity doctor Norman Shealy MD, founder of the National Institute of Holistic Medicine and world pioneer of psychic and consciousness phenomena , addressed the seminar, via Skype. He speaks highly to the theme of Medicine Beyond and how consciousness studies are pioneering a new level of science that seemed unthinkable just over a decade ago. We were very privileged to hear from this universal "master".

He relates lack of oxytocin, the “love hormone”, to a whole range of psychiatric diseases and explains why it is such a universal human blight. Not only that but he explains the mystical “Ring of Air” and how to use it to stimulate production of oxytocin for the individual.

The Glass Elevator Model of Being

Pure Supernoetics™, the new “Science of Being and Consciousness”.

This is one of Dr. Keith’s finest contributions to the field of mind and human spirituality. It totally transcends the B3 model (brain-based being). In fact we are a fascinating complex of parts and identities, yet all clamoring for a voice in our heads. The Russian Georges Gurdjieff thought we were multiple “MEs”.

But this goes further and kicks open lots of doors. You’ll be inspired and fascinated.

Cutting Edge & You Don’t
Want to Miss Out…

To stay on the cutting edge of medicine and science, you need to keep up with Dr. Keith. He’s far ahead of other practitioners and self-styled “health researchers” is following the new science as it unfolds before him.

Dr. Keith is more than a doctor or a writer; he’s quite simply an advanced thinker and medical philosopher, who can see right into the core of what we know about science, mind, philosophy and Being.

You can have no finer guide for your adventure into “human”! Dr. Keith has often been compared to a walking encyclopedia and, whereas he is too modest to fully accept that, he cannot argue that Medicine Beyond is one of the most knife-edge cutting tools and in his masterwork he shows off his outstanding knowledge to a fine degree.

For a far more in depth understanding of how the mind, matter and life intermingle, you need to visit the Medicine Beyond seminar.

Even if you have read the book, you need to share the excitement of this revolutionary seminar. It’s far beyond the confusions of modern mechanistic science and deeply into the realms of spirit and other-worldly forces that actually govern our universe (including non-material mind and Being).

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