If A Book Can Heal Lives,
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733 Pages Of Total Awesomeness To Completely Change The Way You Think, Feel & Look At Things!

Here’s a personal message from the author: Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, PhD

I’m pretty excited about this special book and its very special message…which is that I care.

Those of you who have followed my teachings for any length of time will know I ask far bigger questions about health, like: is your soul healthy?  Is the world around you healthy? Are your thoughts healthy?

Health is not just about vitamins and antioxidants, cholesterol and mitochondria. It’s about EVERYTHING we are engaged in. As I said in a lecture once in St. Petersburg (Russia, 1995), it doesn’t make sense to say you are “happy and healthy”, if you could suddenly lose everything you owned or be unjustly imprisoned.  The message was picked up and echoed in most Russian newspapers next day.

Your environment includes everyone and everything around you, their thoughts, your thoughts, our descendants, history and The Cosmos itself… EVERYTHING is your environment. We need in these difficult times to make our future enlightened and not just trash everything for the now.  We need to pay it forward… for ourselves, for the kids, for our lovely planet.

Over the years I have collected a lot of thoughts, behaviors, and ideas—very practical how-to stuff, I might add—designed to raise our game and get better, more favorable outcomes in life.

Healing Your Life my latest book is, as it says, a superabundance of tips, tricks, techniques and teachings to completely change the way you think, feel, and look at your life.  

I want you to be able to change your world and then share with others ways that they can create this type of transformational change too.

What’s lacking in most hopeful or optimistic books of today is any kind of real methodology or science of change that you can apply.  Conversations With God and The Celestine Prophecy have been huge best-sellers but they tell you nothing about how the world works.

I am constantly reminded of a great quote from Joseph Campbell: “In our generation, the voice of reason is the guardian at the gate into the unknown,” The Hero With A Thousand Faces.

Is your soul healthy? Is the world around you healthy? Are your thoughts healthy?

That’s where I score: I love method and logic. I think reason and intellect is the best way forward in these troubled times; it got us down from the trees and put a man on the moon, so it has proven its worth.

You can’t just think pretty pink fluffy thoughts and then we all “unite” and suddenly… poof… the world is put to rights.  It doesn’t work that way, even though the New Agers wish it did. The missing ingredient is HOW: how is this supposed to happen? For that you need a method.

If you want to create a new building, you can’t stop at the architect’s stage (that’s the positive intention), you need the bricklayers, plumbers, electrician’s and glaziers to create it for you. Somebody has to work to put up the walls and add the floors, stairs, etc.

So… I started writing, researching and testing… and kept on and on! How to erect this monumental edifice! And now, 30 years later, I have over 2 millions words, ranging from insightful to delicious; magic to mean; and powerful to lovely. It’s now the right time to start sharing.

Discover Therapeutic Knowledge That Heals

This is a concept of mine that fits very well with my doctor-Being. I’m a fixer, a healer; I like to mend things. It isn’t all about repairing the body alone, or even the mind. It’s about healing yourself and the world around you.

The materials I will share with you in this amazing book can be considered therapeutic knowledge or remedial techniques.  

Most of it is about doing, not just thinking the right thoughts.  Intentions without actions mean nothing.  If you understand it right and do what I suggest, you’ll find that your whole world will start to heal… everything around you will mend, including friends, neighbors, relatives and even… dare I say it… those with whom you are in disharmony.

It is a blessing of our modern age that people have started to see that improvement is not only possible but lies with the individual, almost by definition. Salvation or enhancement is a personal route to betterment or redemption. Political, and indeed religious, solutions are now seen to be worthless: at best only ineffective, but at worst downright dangerous and likely to get a lot of people killed, without achieving any of the vaunted aims.

Besides, common sense says that there are many widely different solutions and these would vary from person to person. There can be no "standard" solution, imposed globally.


Revolutionary Thought Structures You Need to Know!

What’s inside the cover? A feast of knowledge. It’s knowledge we call “remedial” or “healing knowledge”. Why? Because it fixes things! It repairs and heals things in your life. It’s like ultra-nutrition for the heart and mind; verbal vitamins and minerals for the inner self; with lashings of protective soul anti-oxidants to carry you through to old age with a good attitude, superior wisdom and advanced people skills.

Here is just a sample of some of the sections:

  • Extended thinking to gain characteristics traits of a “genius”
  • The awesome “Grinder” my Basics of Reason.  A complete list of 10 points you can use to succeed at anything!
  • Understanding problems and conflicts and how to fix them
  • 16 Codes of Behavior that are absolutely FREE: show good manners, mutual respect, and makes life more enjoyable (this is not conventional etiquette!)
  • How to implement effective change in order to succeed
  • How to balance the law of reciprocity
  • A surprise tool to happiness
  • A small thing you must avoid that undermines & hurts your mental health
  • A key tool you will need in the pursuit of success
  • A powerful 7-10 day program of mental “cleansing” (it’s like feng sui in the mind!)
  • Every element you need for good communication
  • Discover an unsuspected enemy that can effect your health
  • A lack of this substance can lower your IQ 15 points or more!
  • What you give out is what you get back… 9 rules on how to help people
  • The 12 Channels of Being of which life energies flow and a true measure of just how successful an individual or organism is.
  • By following these 2 fundamental rules of rational living, it will lead you towards a stress free life.
  • Unlock the Anatomy of Relationships: The roles of men and woman in gender politics, romantic sexual love, the lover’s code…and what you must try to mend a broken heart
  • The brain is a finely tuned electrical organ; its wires run everywhere in our body.  I’ll fill you in on the latest electronic nutrition to power this organ.
  • The formula to recovery, a simple something you can do to get started on improving your life right now….it is only 4 steps!
  • And lastly at the end, I give you a basic study strategy that you can use to extend your understanding of all the concepts in this book. 

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A Delightful Compendium of Real Tips, Tricks and Empowerment Techniques

Let’s call this a jumblopedia: It’s not an organized encyclopedia, just a comfortable throw-together mix of delightful, mouthwatering writings, emotional recipes and action plans. This is about as practical as philosophy gets. It’s about learning and doing… improving awareness and mending outcomes.

It’s not a “body of facts”, but a method, or more exactly scores of methods. I’ve created  new ways to approach reality and re-engage with life. It will expand your thinking till you start to feel the mind stretch. The torrent of ideas will fill you as full of light and goodness as months of meditation.

Let's face it, if you don't want to know more about the mechanics of joy, success and ability, you're not living!

But there is nothing woo-woo or mystical here. It’s exactly what is says on the cover: tons of tricks, tips, techniques and teaching to empower you more than you have ever felt empowered before.

This is lashings, oodles, of what I call “healing knowledge”, knowledge to mend lives, sooth troubled breasts and get life back on track, with the kind of outcomes anyone would want. Here I present a kaleidoscope of teachings; a blaze of intellectual fractals exploding; coruscating with light and energy; brimming with originality, wit and wisdom.

There is enough stuff here to make a score of gurus jealous! (of course there are some universals, but even those are refreshed and looked it in novel and productive ways). There are simply no cliches here…

Read it, be it, do it!

Order Today and You Will Get My Newly Released Bonus Report: The King of All Communications

Discover why the power of touch is the most powerful mode of communication. Not only is touch for greeting, touch is for harmony, touch is for love and touch is very much for healing.

Touch is a key component of nearly all traditional healing arts, from Reiki to acupressure; massage to reflexology; and is being increasingly studied for its incredible healing applications in mainstream medicine.

Clinical trials show benefits a number of health conditions, from asthma and high blood pressure to migraine and childhood diabetes. Other research findings hint -- that not only does touch lower stress levels, but it can also boost the immune system and halt or slow the progression of disease.

This report reveals 12 degrees of using “the king of all communications” - TOUCH for ultimate healing.

*This report is a e-bonus pdf for ebook buyers and will be included within the book for physical book buyers.


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It's All About Your Mental Models

As much as anything, success, happiness, mental powers and winning attitude all come from the mental models that we use.  Change your models for better ones and you get better outcomes!

A model is a sort of internal diagram, telling you what the world looks like on the outside. Almost from birth, we are stuck with crummy models that are ramshackle, broken down and proven over and over not to work. Yet kids are taught this dysfunctional behavior, as if life was really like that and unchangeable to boot!

For example, if your model is “all men are bastards”, you will get a certain (not very good) outcome. But if you switch that to “I create the response I get from others” model, you will have a far happier, loving and wisdom-based life.

Alfred Korzybski wrote instead about our “mental maps”. That’s another way of looking at models. You need a clear, accurate map of the territory to cross it safely and get to where you want to go.

If your map is missing sections or drawn by a fool, you may never get to where you want to be. As written in this book, to travel with the wrong map is a kind of insanity, yet most people do just that.

I’m going to show you how to start changing your mental maps and build better mind models to work from. I might just boast at this point and say some of my models are the best ever written and have been thoroughly tested and really work.
You’ll be thrilled and astonished at the new and better outcomes that you find coming your way.

Things that if you put into practice every day will make a HUGE difference to your outcomes. Learn new approaches to old challenges; learn a new mindset. You’ll find yourself saying, “I’ve never looked at it like that before” or “Put that way it changes things.”

Just positive thinking isn’t going to get you through the Earth cataclysm that is coming.

If the ecology of the oceans collapse and there is no more sea food, as predicted; if a new worldwide pandemic rages; if hurricanes of increasing force rip away your home and workplace year after year; or because of global warming the oceans rise 20 feet and squeeze available land to the point of war; if the economy collapses and there is no way to purchase food; if the Greenland ice cap melts and Europe plunges into an Ice Age as far south as Spain; if international terrorism gets out of hand and does contaminate the planet with radio-activity, then you are going to need something more than good thoughts and prayer.

You are going to need cool, clear logic.

You are going to have to be able to plan, to negotiate, to make accurate predictions, to act as a leader – and I don’t mean a guru do-as-I-say leader – I mean someone with knowledge and skills to get the tribe through a disaster.

Structured Thinking to Gain Authority And Wisdom

It’s not just “common sense”; common sense is flooded with worthless hoaxes, like “Everybody knows that…” and it’s WRONG. Healing Your Life is a series of brilliant new insights, showing how things really work and how to adopt the new mechanisms of reality.

I have assembled a series of what we call rubrics. A rubric in former times meant an instructional document head, explaining the theme (like an abstract), often written in red ink (rubor). Today we think of it more as a series of bullets, summarizing what you want to learn. It can only be a short action plan, a formula with several steps or stages.

Online definitions of rubric:

An authoritative rule; especially: a rule for conduct
An explanatory or introductory commentary
Standards of excellence for specified performance levels accompanied by models or examples of each level
Any established mode of conduct or procedure; protocol.

This is not ascension material; it’s intensely practical.  It will help you get your ego off the case and get the loving inner voice speaking with authority and wisdom.

From ways to heal upsets and mend a broken heart, to dancing for joy while driving a car and explorations of real genius (extended thinking). It covers romantic sexual love, personal efficiency, mental exercizes, repairs, humor, inspiration, and those reflective moments that are so precious.

Some of the section titles are delightfully intriguing, such as:

  • Slices Of Eternity
  • The Supreme Test Of History
  • The Mini Day
  • The Reverse Forgiveness Rubric
  • Happiness Is The Journey… But Where To?
  • Don’t Recycle Work!

You can dip into the book and take what’s relevant for the NOW, Maybe dip into it for a daily meditation.

The whole book is like a journey, an adventure, a mind mission!

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Investing In Yourself
The Most Valuable Asset You Have is YOU!

It's truly amazing, the number of people who will invest time, money or effort in worldly options, such as real estate, stocks and bonds, starting a business or even gambling and lottery schemes, yet will not even have considered investing in their most powerful lasting redeemable asset, which will never depreciate - themselves!

We all need to invest in growth for ourselves; that is: our own being, our own self, putting our time, energy and commitment into developing a new, strong, dynamically balanced, and resourcefully knowledgeable "Me". You can turn that asset into cash rewards, fame, happiness or whatever you judge success to mean. Otherwise a person is faced with just stagnation, setbacks and eventually succumbing under the pressure of events.

It's about the future; what you've got now - what you see, do and have - will always be the same unless you alter it (that's only logical). Unfortunately, the conditions of life don't remain static. There is change - process - evolution - and if you don't respond to it, keep abreast, then you will fall behind. We must make modifications to our mindset to grow, live, survive.

The word "invest" is chosen here for a precise reason. The analogy with the world of finance is a telling and useful one. Everyone sees the need to put away a little money today, on a regular basis, for the needs of the future. Yet how few people take the time and trouble to invest in their own potential in this way.

Start building credits for yourself, right away. In that sense, this book Healing Your Life is priceless in value.  It’s a winning lottery ticket, to get you started on the road to spiritual wealth and achievement!

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What's Inside?

There are 124 sections in all, some short, some long (all decisive, clear and visionary). You can read them in any order, at any time. You’ll probably scribble copious notes along the ample margin (annotating, as it’s called). It will become much thumbed and grubby. As a result, it will become a personal vehicle of rationality, skills and inspiration. You will treasure this compendium of wisdom.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the life-changing sections found in Healing Your Life:

9. Finding The Love In Everything

The computer people have the saying, ‘garbage in—garbage out’. In other words, what you get out is only a reflection of what you put in. Life is exactly the same as a computer in this respect. If you can pour love into whatever you have your attention on, it comes back to you. By that I don’t just mean the old idea of someone will love you or the boss will give you a raise, though that’s possible and a valid part of the formula. But what is overlooked - and it spoils the beauty of this bit of wisdom - is that: you get it back inside yourself.

16. Facts, Hoaxes, Beliefs and Importances

I call this “Gating of Knowledge”. You have to be careful what you allow into your mind as supposed fact. False information can really screw up your outcomes. But do you have any cleansing strategy, to rid yourself of bum concepts, hoaxes, thought viruses and misconceptions? Facts that are not facts are bad enough. But hoaxes start wars, kill people, spread disease, dismay and disaster. People tell you things that are just not true. This section is how to protect yourself from “knowledge scams”!

22. A Gentleperson’s Guide To Good Behavior

Centuries ago, in Britain, to be a gentleman (or gentlewoman) was far beyond the simple gender statement it makes today. It was a recognition of important social status. More than that, it was accepted that upper class people, the toffs, were somehow more easygoing in their manners and interactions. They followed an elaborate code of etiquette which meant (supposedly) that they didn’t rub each other up the wrong way and cause unnecessary friction. In other words, they were by disposition gentle with each other!

Most of this elaborate Jane Austen code of behavior is lost to us now; it was mostly phony ritual anyway. But it is worth re-visiting the idea of being a gentleperson. Nothing wrong in that. So what would today’s code of behavior be like? Let me share with you…

28. The Four Orders Of Truth

One of the most revolutionary discoveries ever made about “truth”. Truth is not eternal and unchanging. In fact anything which lasts or defies change is, by the explanations you will read, altered or flawed in some way; it’s not pure and therefore not totally true.

This is related to the old metaphor of a river: it’s the same river but always changing. The whole of Zen philosophy is built on just that one principle. So what? So, if you don’t continue to create on a daily basis what you love and desire in your life, it will solidify and no longer be true, in the living truth sense; it will just be taking it for granted; dead; finished; stale…

In changing your mindset and recovering from problems you will find that getting the instantaneous moment of creation of truth, it will just vanish… problem gone! In Supernoetics™ we call this The First Order Truth.

17. On Being Right

We all want to be right. But little do people suspect that’s it’s one of the most destructive traits of human beings. “Rightness”, a folly, means to insist you are right, even when you are wrong. It’s also the daft belief that if you can somehow make others wrong, that it makes you right in some way. The games people play of this order stand fully across the path to growth, love, integrity and inner peace.

25. The Scale Of Awakening

It’s really a scale of becoming. My scales are trying to be comprehensive and cover ALL related values, even opposites. So a scale of “truth”, for example, would include lies or falsehoods at the opposite end. These are reverse values but quite clearly related to each other. As with a dichotomy, one defines the other. So “truth” is defined partly as the opposite of “lies” and vice versa, of course. This scale is not about opposites, but incremental growth, from tiny beginnings, characterized by confusion, unconsciousness and uncertainty, all the way up to power, mastery and “native state” or source Being..

35. The Supreme Test Of History

“Make it so.” This popular catch phrase from the second generation Star Trek series encapsulates a key philosophy of living: do what needs doing. Never mind the excuses, just “What was the outcome?”

There is an attitude to life which says “Do your best!”. Not good enough! You don’t stop at doing your best: you do whatever has to be done. Never mind the “people-oriented” versus “task-oriented” theory. It’s just talk. The Supreme Test Of History, the one by which we are judged, is: : did the task complete, yes or no?

44. Brushstrokes

There is often a push to make one big effort to change things, trying to do things all at once. But there is a far simpler way: change things a little at a time. If you life is a painting, no need to white out the whole canvas at one go! Paint over a bit you don’t like; then paint out something else you don’t like and make it prettier. Pretty soon, you’ll have a masterpiece that looks the way you want it.

45. Plausible Distractions

Often we fail by doing what is most important! Huh? That’s right. We engage in something which is so easy to sell to ourselves as vital, significant and part of the way forward. But it isn’t. In fact it’s a distraction form what we should be doing.

There are things we all have to do in life. One particular anchor is the next step in our master life plan. That must take priority over all other activity. So, if we let something get in the way of doing it, we are letting ourselves be distracted.

50. An End To All Hostility

Do you know why formerly loving couples, families and groups often end up at each others throats, mud slinging, being nasty, uncooperative and downright hurtful to each other? Well, I do. This rubric tells you a definite 8-step sequence that will lead inexorably to the breakdown of any caring relationship and which you must learn to recognize. Not just that but—of course—I tell you what to do to stop the folly and reverse it to happier times. Interested?

65. The Helper’s Code

Throughout this manual and the attendant forum lectures you may have felt that you knew people who could be helped by what you are learning. Indeed that is true. We all know people who are struggling with their issues. It’s an old saw that the way to really learn something is to teach it. Not only that but you are improving your own environment too. Others are part of your landscape and their sadness, inadequacies and confusion will be part of your own ‘scenery’.

We introduce here a simple code of behavior for anyone who wants to help others, directly or indirectly, to avoid upsets, confusions and misunderstandings. In fact such a code has a great deal of relevance to life in general and how we conduct ourselves.

86. Tidyness And Order

I have a lot of millionaire friends; successful people. One thing I notice about them all is that they have a quiet, clean, orderly environment. If you visit their homes or office, what you find is neatness, space, cleanliness and aesthetic charm. It would be going too far to say that only rich people are neat and tidy. But it is almost a rule that untidy and scruffy individuals, with their belongings in chaos, appointment book out of date or non-existent, house needing repair etc. are not making any impact on the physical world. In other words they are broke.

Order has many forms: tidiness, good files, cleanliness, mental harmony and comfortable surroundings which are set out for Feng Shui is a version of this. But probably the most important order is in the head. I’ll tell you more about this…

93. Representations Of Desire

How do you know you are loved? No, that's not such a silly question. Love is very abstract. Someone can say "I love you" but how do you recognize it is true?

What has to happen in the real universe for this sensation to cease being an abstraction and become concrete reality for you? This is obviously a very important question for everyone alive. Yet it is one that most people have never even considered.

The necessary mind-structure varies greatly. For some, it's a certain way of touching or feeling; for others it's the words - what is being said, or the way it is being said (the sound of the voice); yet another group responds to gestures, posture or emotions (all related). Of course this is all mixed up with eroticism and biology - nothing wrong with that.

In this section, I’ll tell you how to get your lover or spouse ravening for sex, just like Jamie Lee Curtis’ character in A Fish Called Wanda, when John Cleese starts talking in Russian…

94. Breaking Up Intelligently (if you must)

Even if you are not in a relationship, this is brilliant advice you must share with anyone who is. The fact is, there are few times in a lifetime with greater potential to seriously damage health, happiness and prosperity than when a marriage or relationship breaks up. Typical behaviors of abuse, dishonesty, greed, acrimony and betrayal can leave permanently damaged lives and mental health. It is therefore mandatory on all conscious beings who aspire to be civilized, intelligent and caring to seek for the means whereby values can be preserved and the growth of either party left undamaged by a separation.

We seek to find ways to leave our ex-partner in a calm and relatively unshaken state of mind in which they can function properly. Let me tell you how it’s done…

108. How To Get Almost Anything You Don’t Want

The title is a joke, of course. But there’s a message. Whatever we resist, we get stuck with. If you tell someone: "Try not to think of an elephant", what is the first thing they do? Exactly; they think of an elephant. This is a very light-hearted example of the principle at work but if you take time to dig into the deeper mechanics of consciousness and see how it works, there is a lesson here which is far-reaching and important to learn thoroughly.

Affirmations sometimes work. But mainly they don’t because they are resisting something undesirable. And like the example of an elephant, you need to put the thought there, to say NO to it! Affirming “I am rich” is really telling yourself “I’m broke” (otherwise, why would you be doing affirmations against it?)

This is a lesson on the way in which we tend to create the world we don't want, by trying too hard to avoid something.

And finally:

115. Why People Really Get Upset

In this segment, I share with you one of the biggest life secrets of all: the real reason why people get upset. You cannot imagine the full power and significance of this property in Supernoetics™. It is impossible to overstate its importance.

The phenomenon I will describe is the real reason people get upset, behave badly, hurt others, hurt themselves, shout, scream, rant and go ballistic. It’s the reason people cry, moan, wail, sob and feel sorry for themselves. It is the reason people feel afraid, tense, anxious, jumpy and apprehensive. In short, it’s the reason for every unpleasant feeling and experience that we may ever know. Period.

But it’s never what the person thinks it is…

So...Time For The Decision!

If you’ve got this far, you still haven’t made up your mind or you were just enjoying the description!

I could go on for a long time, laying out the advantages of healing knowledge. But sooner or later you have to decide: buy the book!

No Question: You Need this Knowledge To Enhance Your Life.  I am sure you will be glad you invested in yourself and owned this masterwork.

Be among the first!

Get this book today, while it’s HOT off the press!  And start to change the way you think, feel and look at things.

Remember: it reveals over 30 years of gathering techniques and testing my teachings and once you put these tricks into use, your will truly explode your mental powers!  The book is 733 pages and will change the way you think and feel; how you react to others; reduce stress in your life; help you overcome hurdles and reach goals; supercharge your dreams; develop true and Profound Happiness… and so much more!

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