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Mercury. Now you can read the whole story in excellent detail in a recent article published in "Discovery" magazine (vol 26, no. 3, March 2005). Go here: discover magazine

On the Next pages: What dentists don't tell you!
(extracted from my book VIRTUAL MEDICINE)

Chelation of mercury: some cautionary notes
don't allow DMPS or DMSA without reading this first.

How dentists are polluting the whole environment
Yet they still fight for the right to emit mercury waste from their business, without restraint or accountability, all to save less than $40 a month.

"I have this shirt tail relative down there about 24 years old, and she has brain cancer, so what do they do? They take out half her brain. Then it comes back so they take out the other half of her brain. Then it comes back a third time, and there is not much left to take out. Now they probably didn’t take out half, I may have stretched the point there a bit, but she was still fully functional, but it was right smack full in the middle of the brain. Three tumours growing, three root canals, and she is pregnant, and it is hard to overcome the stress to the body that pregnancy does, much less trying to overcome cancer, much less trying to overcome the root canals. So we took out those 3 root canals when she had 3-6 months to live. And that was 6 years ago, and she is still alive today, and MRI can’t find the tumour anymore. It went away."

--- Hal Huggins, D.D.S

A similar story is told in one of the chapters of Virtual Medicine, along with other fascinating and bizarre facts about teeth and the dangers of dentistry.


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Here's a couple of great resources for more information about anything to do with non-toxic dentistry and up-to-date methods...




It doesn't protect them...

teeth1 teeth2 teeth3 teeth4
Pictures 1 and 3, no fluoride, pictures 2 and 4, fluoride stained and damaged teeth


Adverse Health and Behavior from Silicoflourides.

Fluoride Action Network (FAN) News and Info

Adverse Health and Behavior from Silicoflourides.

International Society for Fluoride Research Journal

Info in Canada

Fluoride Issues

The Preventive Dental Health Association's


by Michael C. Goldman DDS


IAOMT is an organization to which I enthusiastically belong, of dental and medical professionals focusing on toxicity. It is the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. Rather than jumping on the bandwagon of every new and trendy idea that comes along in the zeal to be the the newest of the New Age, this is a group of well-grounded scientifically oriented professionals that insist on seeing reasonable scientific evidence to back up any claims to which they lend their support.

Mercury (Hg) from dental fillings (as well as from environmental and food sources) is thought to have a cumulative effect on the body. There are many other sources of information on the wide range of symptoms that are suspected to result from mercury toxicity. Since "silver" fillings are about one-half composed of mercury, it is thought by many that these fillings are a major source of mercury in sensitive individuals. You should know that organized dentistry in the US has taken the position that this is not so. There is another brochure on DETOXIFICTION PROTOCOL... which is a more complex protocol created by a couple of members of IAOMT (Michael and Sam Ziff). Their work is highly respected by IAOMT. That protocol might be best for those who are highly sensitive and also highly motivated, because it is so very complicated. For most of us, the simpler recommendations that follow would be much easier to follow and would hopefully be all the help we need. This protocol is officially accepted by IAOMT as the way to go for most of us.

It is only fair to point out that at this point in time we are all trying to learn as much and as fast as we can about this toxicity issue and it doesn't look like anybody has the last word on it yet. This information has been put together by sincere, conscientious, scientifically oriented, well-grounded individuals. The protocol is relatively simple and inexpensive.


The following is the recommended protocol for scavenging free mercury from the body during routine removal of silver-mercury fillings. The theory is that the mercury from your old fillings has leaked out of the fillings in many ways and has become deposited in various body tissues. Mercury cannot be easily removed from inside body tissues. But it will automatically come out of tissues when the equilibrium is changed. It is as though it has reached a happy balance between the levels of mercury in the mouth, in the blood and in the tissues. Change any of these and balance is upset.

When fillings are removed, the equilibrium is upset and mercury is thought to come out of the tissues and circulate in the bloodstream from where it can be redeposited in new places to create a new "balance". By the use of antioxidant scavengers it is hoped that the freely circulating mercury can be grabbed up and chemically bound before it an go back into other tissues. Once chemically bound the mercury is harmless and can be excreted from the body. When all the mercury "stores" (mercury fillings) are removed, the body will continue to work to get rid of residual mercury in the tissues. Scavenger supplements as well as sulfur-containing foods can help this process.

Possible Contrindications to Megadose Vitamin-C Use

While megadose Vit-C has been used widely, there are rare individuals who may be harmed by it. Predictably the high risk individual will have impaired kidney function or a deficiency of enzyme G-6-PD, which causes chronic anemia, red cell fragility and a slightly jaundiced appearance. If these conditions figure in your history or if you have kidney stones, you should consult with a physician before taking Vit-C !

You should consume foods high in Vitamin-C and supplement with 3 grams of C daily, beginning a week or so before silver-mercury fillings replacement and continuing for at least a month afterward. To minimize the potential for kidney stones, total calcium intake should be maintained within a narrow range (800 to 1,000 mg daily), magnesium intake should be increased to 500 mg per day and Vit-B6 should be increased to 30 mg per day. This amount of calcium and magnesium is ideally obtained from 3 servings of cultured dairy foods per day, but to obtain the desired dosage of Vit-B6 a supplement will be required. Additionally, since megadose Vit-C may enhance the excretion of Zinc, a 15 mg supplement of chelated zinc per day is recommended.

For those with serious health problems, a consult with a physician is recommended. Increased dosages may be in order such as Vit-C up to 10 grams daily and chelated zinc to 25 mg. Note: It is important to taper off megadose Vitamin-C rather than stopping suddenly! Decrease at a rate of one gram less per week. If you stop more abruptly, maintain at least 250 mg per day for three weeks before quitting to guard against the risk of "rebound scurvy".

Take the Vit-C in 500 mg increments throughout the day. This allows the free radicals scavenging activity of Vit-C to be available at the moment the free radicals appear. Ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, and naturlly occurring Vit-C are the preferred sources of C.

Acute or other diagnosed cases of mercury toxicity are treated by a physician/toxicologist by using FDA approved metal binding drugs and that is beyond the scope of this pamphlet, but information is available!

There is a lot of information about mercury and possible problems with it and a lot of controversy also. You need to be the judge of what you think is important to you. It does appear that some people are very much affected by mercury while others appear not to be affected. Organized dentistry in the US would have you believe that those that are significantly affected comprise only a minute fraction of the population. Others feel up to 90% or more of us are affected adversely. If you feel you could be adversely affected by the mercury in your fillings now, and by the mercury which would likely be temporarily increased during replacement of your fillings with non-mercury materials, these are things you can do to help take back some control in your own health and well-being. Done carefully and especially with guidance, it can do no harm and just might turn around symptoms that have been a problem for a long time...or prevent the appearance of new ones.

Note: You should be well aware by now that organized dentistry in the USA as well as NIH and US Dept. of Health have taken the position that there is no danger from the mercury in dental fillings and therefore nothing needs to be done during filling removal. They also feel there is no danger in having new mercury-containing fillings put in your teeth. I have made the above information available for the growing number of patients that are concerned about the possible adverse effects from dental mercury.

Note: to paraphrase an eloquent fellow IAOMT member:

I'm just not comfortable somehow with a material (mercury-fillings) that I cannot legally throw in the trash, bury in the ground, send to a landfill for disposal, [or legally handle with my bare hands], but which, they say, I can safely put in your mouth....

Michael C. Goldman, DDS
General and Cosmetic Dentistry
3815 East-West Highway Fax (301) 656-4350
Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815 Phone (301) 656-6171

DON'T EAT CEREALS (wheat, corn, rye, barley, oats, rice, millet)

One great book that I stumbled upon was "Nutrition and Disease" by Edward Mellanby, M.D., London, 1934. This doctor discovered experimentally, in dogs, wonderful effects of fish oil and "elimination of cereals" on carous teeth. He then tried these two diets on children, in a 26—week clinical study, with these results: "1) the addition of vitamin D [as fish oil] greatly diminished the spread of caries and caused increased arrest of this process; 2) that the removal of cereals together with the addition of vitamin D virtually suppressed all dental caries and increased the healing process" (p. 25); "Although the latter diet contained no bread, porridge or other cereals, it included a moderate amount of carbohydrates, for plenty of milk, jam, sugar (!), potatoes and vegetables were eaten by this group of children".

Mellanby provides illustrations showing growth of secondary dentine in these children’s teeth. He didn’t know what substance in cereals was cariogenic. Inspired by his book, I searched MedLine and found some abstracts of studies on phytic acid and phytates in grains see plant toxins and antinutrients in the allergy section: they inhibit mineral absorption: so, e.g., African tribes with grains as their main staple have much higher incidence of caries than those who subsist mainly on potatoes and yams. Sprouting, soaking, leavening, and other types of processing can reduce or even eliminate the phytates. Of course, heating destroys some nutrients, while fermenting and sprouting increase the grain’s nutritional value in many ways.

Of course, different people have different nutritional requirements; but those prone to mineral deficiencies would do well to sprout their grains at least some of the time.

BETTER STILL: just don't eat this stuff. There is abundant evidence that carbs in the form of cereals are a major killer, via diabetes, obesity, heart disease and stroke [KSM]

Check out this book on, which tells you all about grain-free eating!

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