The 1984 original cover

He's "The Number One Allergy Detective" and this was his "Number One" book.

In these pages Dr. Keith Scot-Mumby shares with you the secrets learned from decades at the top, helping people get to grips with their food allergies and intolerance. The simple formulas for self testing and diet management and the clear, non-technical explanations of what you have to do, and why, has not aged one bit in the twenty years since it was written.

"Allergy is like a game, there are rules and if you don't know the rules, it's not very likely you'll win"

That was something I said to over 10,000 patients and they all found out it was true. Food allergy is a tricky business, with many false paths and failures, unless you have this book!


"The best book of it's kind!" according to the late Theron Randolph, Chicago, founder of the Clinical Ecology movement and the man who, along with Albert Rinkel, pioneered the very existence of hidden food allergies and chemical sensitivity. Rinkel H J, Randolph T G and Zeller M, Food Allergy, (Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, 1951)
The perfect self-help guide to figuring out what foods you are allergic to (and which ones are safe!). This pioneer former best-seller really blazed the trail and showed tens of thousands of people all over the world how to get well. That was back in the days when almost nobody had even heard of food allergies!
Check out these great sections:

  What is a masked allergy and why does it hide?

  Case evaluation. Tons of symptoms that could be caused by an allergy to food

 Daily diet inventory

Detailed experimental diet plan

  What to do if the diet helps

What to do if the trial diet doesn't help?

How to do a food challenge test successfully

Maintenance diet, for ongoing health; the difference between a test diet and long-term management

Rotation diets, when and where you need one

Special dieting problems in relation to children

 Lots of exclusion diets to choose from

How to stay well

Lots of personal cases to keep you motivated.

Pulse testing method you can do at home.

Fasting if you must (not recommended, but advice is given)

How to test a yet unborn baby for food allergies!!

Table of food families. Which foods are alike?


This fantastic allergy guide, from one of the world's leading experts, could be yours in a few minutes, for just: $10 (currently about GBP 5.49 - thanks to George W. Bush!!).

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