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Allergies Section Index Listing

The allergy section is being gradually overhauled. This is a massive undertaking, so I ask you to be understanding. Most of the links below will still go to the old allergy section

First, check out my fab book DIET WISE
It's my 1980s book "The Food Allergy Plan" 20 years on and with nutritional genomics

Mechanisms of Allergy

Understand the many different mechanisms by which an apparent "allergic reaction" can take place. You'll be surprised.

  1. Chemical sensitivity. Some people are super-sensitive to pollution.
  2. Metal toxicity. Some metals are even more toxic than pesticides!
  3. Pharmacological effects. Substances, including foods, can act like drugs (for example caffeine)
  4. Enzyme deficiency. Maybe the patient cannot handle that substance?
  5. Hidden or masked allergy. Why allergies sometimes show up and yet sometimes the patient can tolerate their allergen.
  6. Target Organs. Why allergies produce such a bewildering variety of symptoms is answered by understanding that the symptom is caused by the end-organ which fails, not the allergic substance.
  7. Cyclical and Fixed allergies. Allergies can vary over time which causes confusion. Very few allergies are fixed (usually the severe, dangerous ones)
  8. Body load. One of the greatest principles in all of medicine is "overload". The body only develops problems when its ability to copy is surpassed. What factors can cause overload and lead to symptoms?
  9. Threshold or Trigger values. Sometimes an allergy doesn't react because there is below the "threshold" amount to trigger a reaction. Allergies also summate and "add up" to trouble!
  10. Individual biological variation. To make matters more complicated everyone is different and bodies react in different ways to the same insult.
  11. The Workings of The Immune System. This was the "original" allergy story, before it all got complicated!
  12. Hypersensitivity. Different classical mechanisms and how they work. Also that deadly subject of anaphylaxis!
  13. Leaky gut. A major theory of food allergy suggests that food complexes are escaping into the blood which should not be there, due to abnormal "leaky" conditions.
  14. Hans Selye's General Adaptation Syndrome is one of the most brilliant insights into disease and applies especially well  to the allergy picture. You need to know this.
  15. Information and field mechanism. Finally, if all that wasn't complicated enough, we have now come to recognize that energy information fields (usually on an electro-magnetic carrier wave) can transmit the effect of an allergy, without the allergic substance being present.  Weird? But it's true and you need to read about this new breakthrough

Symptoms caused by allergy

If you have several symptoms on this table, the likelihood is that your condition is caused by allergy, intolerance, overload etc.

Food Allergy

General information, including 3-levels of exclusion diet
Food families
Staying well (rotation diets)


Environmental allergies

Chemical sensitivity

Chemical clean up


Simple detox pathways

Geopathic stress

  1. electrical hypersensitivity: what is it?
  2. electrical pollution
  3. Earth energies

Test methods available

Conventional testing methods
Alternative testing
Miller's method

Treatment modalities

Enzyme potentiated desensitization
Nambudripad (NAET)


sudden infant death syndrome

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