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While watching Jef compress an avi file, I pictured a Buddhist monk, with orange robes and a shaved head standing in front of a chalkboard teaching a class on the zen of computer art. He shows the class a black and white graphic and asks,

..... "What color is this?"


"It's black and white," someone says.

"Does that really answer my question?" the monk asks.

", because you said 'color', not 'colors.'"

"Is it gray?" asks another person.

The monk looks questioningly at the black and white gif and then back at the class, "Is it?" he asks.

Laughter from the class. The monk smiles and gets another picture. It's a floral print this time but still the monk asks, "What color is this?"

"We can't answer you, of course," says a frustrated student.

"Why not?" asks the monk.

"Because you said 'color' not 'colors.'"

"Ah," says the monk, "so the problem is with my question, then."


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