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Pain is the King of symptoms; it demands respect and can be cruel when ignored. It erodes the quality of life, demoralizes the patient and causes a horribly negative emotional response. Those in chronic pain are particularly miserable, because they know it will be back again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next…

But acute pain is bad too, because the patient is not used to it and has no practice at enduring its difficulties.

Yes, pain is medicine’s number one call to action. Nobody likes pain.

Trouble is, pain control has its problems. Most drugs have dangerous side effects. But worst of all, mere pain control offers no cure. It’s just blanketing the symptoms without offering any permanent solution. The pain inevitably returns. And the painkillers have less and less useful effect, as time goes by.

What if there is a better approach? What if pain relief could be found without the unpleasant dangers of complex chemicals, which only serve to poison the signaling part of the nervous system?

Even better would be to cure the condition that was causing pain, while at the same time offering relief from the misery. Is it possible?

In fact, it is the only real way to treat pain. Merely offering painkillers is a silly as repainting a worn out, rusting vehicle, without fixing its mechanical problems—it just covers up the damage.

What’s the answer?

A vast array of safe, effective means of pain control which also heal the problem. It exists and one particularly knowledgeable doctor knows all the answers.

This is the book he has written for you…

Welcome To The Pain Control Center!

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From the Desk of Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, HMD, PhD...

Painkillers vs. Pain Relief

Painkillers are designed to poison part of the nervous system and stop it transmitting pain signals. Not the best strategy. The drug wears off; the pain comes back; another dose is needed. Then another, and another, and another…

Considering these drugs can cause serious, even fatal, side-effects, it is not wise to get onto this treadmill of endless repeat medication.

The whole philosophy of proper pain management by a wise doctor is that of healing the condition that is causing the pain in the first place. If not that, then at least settling down the tissue distress, so there is less inflammation and fewer nasty pain-producing chemicals on the loose. That way, it is possible to obtain full and lasting relief from pain.

The book I have written for you is billed as a complete guide to natural pain relief and this fuller-healing approach is what takes center stage. It is intended to help you conquer pain completely, so that you don’t need any analgesics or very rarely.

You'll be introduced to the basic science of pain, so you understand the mechanisms that produce. That way you’ll readily grasp how some of the treatments work. The TENS machine, for example, you may heard of (Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation); but you won’t properly understand how it works without some grasp of the pain gating effect.

You will also learn how it’s possible for someone to have their leg shot off by a cannonball, yet hardly notice the injuries.

I’ll take time to walk you through what doctors are thinking when they try to prescribe effective pain medication and why it’s such a minefield. The whole subject is loaded with myth and ignorance. Doctors are often frightened to prescribe sufficient pain control medications, for fear the patient will become addicted—it’s in all the books and reference manuals—yet it’s a vanishingly-small likelihood of happening…

From amongst 1,000s of Israeli soldiers given morphine, for injuries received during the Yom Kippur war, only one ended up addicted. The truth is people become addicted to drugs because of their personality type: there is nothing in the drug per se that makes addiction inevitable. That’s why ALL pain drugs are initially described as non-addictive. They aren’t!

In fact, this position of inadequate dosage may soon change because doctors who accept payment for pain relief and then fail to provide adequate analgesia may now face charges of fraud, for failing to do what they claimed they would do!

Natural Pain Relief

As soon as we’ve got that straight, then we dive into some amazingly effective nature-based remedies for pain. Most are extremely techno and modern. You’ll be very surprised.

For example, you will learn about…

How inflammation relates to pain. Learn effective and fast methods of reducing inflammation and so quenching the pain.

Read about a device that uses laser light to calm painful lesions. Be sure to check which color works best! You can even shine laser light up your nostril and get all the same benefits as professional therapy, without the cost and with many other benefits, such as decreased blood viscosity (blood viscosity is what puts you at risk of a heart attack).

Read what herbs work better than aspirin and sometimes better than morphine. (section 16)

I even visit the broohaha about “medical” marijuana, why it’s a fraud and no better than legalized drug pushing (the state of Colorado is taken over, at government level, by Mexican drug gangs, who are now indirectly licensed to sell their spoils… and things will deteriorate very fast). There are hundreds of safe alternatives. Why take a vicious herb that turns some people psychotic and is no better than legal alternatives?

Find how an astonishing change of eating patterns that will calm almost 100% of painful musculo-skeletal conditions.

Discover the amazing scientific revelation of the cause of 93% of headaches and migraine and learn how to put a permanent stop to it. (section 29)

Learn the startling truth that antibiotics work well as painkillers in certain arthritic conditions! You may or may not know that joint inflammation these days is often seen as directly due to micro-organisms within the joint itself. Bacteria get in there, raise hell, resulting in inflammation and pain, and we call it “arthritis.” It has little to do with age and “wear-and-tear,” which is the medical school model!

Read about remarkable electronic devices that reduce pain in minutes and promotes long-term healing. It started in the Russian space program but now models are available, made in the USA.

You may have heard of the class of pain drugs called COX-inhibitors. They sort of work but are very dangerous (Vioxx was one of these and killed at least 60,000 people, maybe far more). I know a number of natural substances, from certain oils, and some fungi, to plant extracts and even food substances, that work well as natural COX-inhibitors. Why take dangerous drugs when these are much safer? (section 2).

Stick a bunch of sapphires and emeralds is a jar of water and leave it for a week on the windowsill in full sunshine—why would you do that? Ah… one of the greatest pain relief modalities known. It’s a secret but you will learn all about it in section 13!

Take a look at these two images:

The first shows a fully inflamed injured knee, hot, swollen and very painful. The second shot is the same knee just hours later, after treatment with an amazing kind of light, imprinted with sapphire and emerald. Seem unbelievable? Yes, but a thermogram doesn’t lie. The knee is cooled, exactly as gem therapy predicts (section 13). Pain gone.

Plus, I have looked at your options for natural pain relief for a number of specific complaints. Did you know, for example, that back pain is the number one reason for visits to the doctor in the Western world? It’s a big problem. But I have some completely novel approaches to back pain to share with you.

Another big problem is migraine and headaches. I’ve got that covered.

Plus trigeminal neuralgia. It’s a very vicious pain, barely helped by medicines. Yet there is a surprising underlying cause applicable in many cases. Most doctors have never heard of it; those that have just scoff in their ignorance. But if this applies to you, you’ll be very glad to get the correct treatment and end up pain free for life. No more neuralgia.

That’s what I’m driving at all through this book. Real pain RELIEF, not just suppressing the pain.

Of course we do have some great and very safe, effective natural painkillers for you. But I wouldn’t be living up to my reputation, if all I wrote about were mere substitutes for painkillers. We don’t want even natural painkillers do we, we want NO MORE PAIN!

Ready for this?

Your Medicine Cabinet

To conclude the main part of the book, I list for you what are the top 7 items I want to see in everyone’s medicine cabinet.

Traumeel: tablets and ointment. Probably the best all-rounder in the entire canon of alternative healing (page 55). I prefer it to aspiring, Tylenol (Panadol) and ibuprofen. Why? Because it’s a healer, not just a painkiller!

Calendula cream: perfect for most skin worries, from burns and scalds or too much sun, to inflamed patches of all kinds (page 59).

Arnica tablets and powders: the finest instant bruising and injury, strains, sprains, pains and wounds remedy there is. 30C (page 105).

Recue Remedy: never let anyone feel hurt, shocked or upset, without giving Bach’s Rescue Remedy (page 59)

An Avazzia device: if you can afford one, be sure to learn how to use it. It’s good for almost anything painful, from kidney stones, to injury; fractures, wounds, sprains and punctures; diabetic ulcers; migraines; toothache and beyond (page 81).

Oil of Cloves. Best first remedy for toothache. Rub raw, warmed oil of cloves into the gum (page 111).

Peppermint Oil. Great if humble indigestion and bellyache remedy (page 110).

Plus, I reveal for you the number one plant healer in the world, easy to grow, and why you should have it in your garden or in a pot on the patio! It forever renews its healing, comforting juices!

"This book is an imperative for anyone interested in continuing to live. Skip a meal or a few meals if necessary to scare up the purchase price. Dr. Scott-Mumby has created an encyclopedia of information simply not available anywhere else at any price!"

-Burton Linne, research consultant & author of the COPD-emphysema remission instructions

Why You Need This Book!

This is part of the program I launched that I call “health literacy”. There are a lot of things the individual needs to know in today’s world.

One of the most important classes of data is about medicines and what the medical profession does. Crudely put, most doctors are a health hazard. They toe the party line; spout narrow-minded folly and call it science; prescribe mountains of toxic medicines; and don’t know the simple principles of healing… worse: they don’t even seem to care.

You have to know to protect yourself and avoid falling into their clutches as much as possible. That’s why I urge to obtain (and READ) my books on things like preserving your liver, safe alternatives to antibiotics, non-lethal cancer treatments and now this… safe pain relief methods that do not hook you on a lifetime treadmill of pill-popping.

This definitive 242 page book puts an end to the recent run of light-weight padded out “info products” by underperforming authors. A really well-written, comprehensive guide to meaningful natural anti-pain resources, by a fully-qualified and clinically-experienced MD, has been long overdue. This book is the one for you!

It’s a kind of therapy-copeia (like a pharmacopeia, but without the drugs) or a curopedia (an encyclopedia of cures). These are just words but you get the idea: this is the first fully up-to-date compilation of its kind that far surpasses other efforts and is worthy of a place on everyone’s bookcase… yes, I’m talking now about the very attractive real print book, not just a digital download.

In fact, you can have BOTH the digital ebook and the print book which is 7X10 inches and 242 pages.

For a very little extra, you can start reading in just a few minutes, instantly getting up to speed, while the super print book is winging its way to you in the mail! Best of both worlds!

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Some Rip-Roaring Quotes!

Still not made up your mind? You need to know this is the one GREAT book on this topic. All others (not many) pale by comparison. Read some snap quotes, to help you make up your mind…

 Hippocrates gave us the term ponos and from it comes our word pain. He meant the body’s fight back. Without it, there is no disease process but we would quickly die. The ensuing turmoil may be unpleasant but it is a necessary part of the limiting process.

We must not lose sight of this important fact, which is constantly being reinvented. The famous surgeon-anatomist John Hunter observed almost two centuries ago: “There is a circumstance attending accidental injury which does not belong to disease - namely, that the injury done has in all cases a tendency to produce the disposition and the means of cure.

If you block symptoms, you block the natural defenses, too. This can limit the body’s own reckoning with the disease process: it fails to expel the disease properly. Long-term problems then become likely and modern medicine is nothing if not about chronic disease and its management. Have we created our own lingering pathology by constantly damping down symptoms and so thwarting the full healing process?

In addition to dulling the sensation of pain, typically in the short term, endorphins also change the way in which people perceive pain. This may be important, because people can still be panicked or upset even when their pain is dulled, a problem that commonly occurs when people are given synthetic painkillers, which allay pain without addressing underlying emotions…

It is generally accepted that women experience pain differently than men and that their threshold for pain is less. However, you will be very surprised to learn that almost all pain research has been carried out on men and male animals, so this supposition may not be all that valid…

Studies have demonstrated the usefulness of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in the management of chronic low back pain, producing significant decreases in physical and psychosocial disability. A study published in the January 2012 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine found that CBT is significantly more effective than standard care in the treatment of people with body-wide pain, like fibromyalgia…

Neural therapy is a method of treating pain and other illnesses caused by disturbances of the body’s electrophysiology. These electrical disturbances, called “interference fields,” are manifestations of cell membrane instability and typically trigger abnormal autonomic nervous system responses. Interference fields may be found in scars, autonomic ganglia, teeth and jaw, internal organs, or other locations where local tissue irritation exists.

Neural therapy was developed in Germany, beginning in the 1920s, by two German physician/dentist brothers, Walter and Ferdinand Huneke. They found by serendipity that procaine—a local anesthetic—when injected into certain spots such as scars, can relieve pain in areas nowhere near the place of injection!

They also found that the pain relief lasts much longer than would be expected from the anesthetic effect alone…

…Sunlight has beneficial and protective properties. Ignorance (and no doubt the influence of the sunscreen market dollars) has demonized it as dangerous. Little wonder, then, that lack of light can have severely destructive health consequences and that, conversely, the right kind of light can prove enormously healing. Just sitting in the warm relaxing sun can ease your pain; it’s a common experience.

It is important not to forget that light is just another electromagnetic energy form. The fact that we can see it gives us a deep psychological relationship to light, but it is really no different in quality from radio waves or x-rays. Because of this, we can gain a glimpse of what detailed information may be contained in light energy form; just think of the information carried to radios and TVs on EM waves.

There are several useful pain treatments which employ light including, of course, lasers (section 14). In section 13 we will look at three specific adaptations of light energy, including the use of color, gemstones, and special electronic machines that can deliver other EM frequencies…

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