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Quick Tips for Building Self Confidence

Self confidence is the central issue of personal growth. Alternative-Doctor recommends the best ways to enhance the quality of your life, and so it was important to us that we find the most effective means for you to tackle this issue of self confidence. We believe we struck gold with the resources offered by Self

Everybody could do with a confidence boost sometimes, so to start with, here are a few tips...

1) Feel Good When You Want

For times when you need a quick boost to your self confidence or self esteem, find 3 things that make you feel good. These could be memories of good times, a piece of music, a holiday souvenir, or a person's face - use photos if it helps. Practise thinking about them and bringing them to mind.

Because of the way emotions 'attach' themselves to memories, you will quickly train yourself to feel good when you want - a great help in developing self confidence that lasts.

2) Beat Self Consciousness

Learn how to keep your attention off yourself - self consciousness is the No.1 enemy of self confidence. You can do this easily by following these steps...

  1. If you notice you have become self-conscious, (you can usually tell because you start to feel anxious), choose something 'everyday' you can see and study it in detail. For example: examine a door, look at the different textures and shades of colour, wonder about who made it and how and so on. The important thing is that you're learning how to keep your attention off yourself.

  2. If you feel self-conscious in a social situation, it's usually because you don't have enough to do! Focus on what your purpose in the situation is. Whether you're there to:

    • find out if you like the other people in the situation
    • make others feel comfortable
    • find out some information
    • make business contacts
    • and so on...

It's easy to feel self-conscious if you have nothing to do, and much more difficult if your attention is occupied by a task. Think how comfortable you have been with others when you're all working toward a common goal. The common goal of socialising could be making friends, it could be the exchange of mutually beneficial information, it could be whatever you want it to be!

3) Don't Take Undue Criticism - Even From Yourself !

Challenge your own assumptions. For example, take note that:

  1. Confident-looking people have bad moments too.

  2. Just because you feel under-confident, doesn't mean other people can tell.

  3. If you're saying things to yourself like "You're no good at anything" then rest assured, you're wrong. Everyone can compose a sentence, get successfully to the store, eat without choking. Don't let yourself make sweeping statements about yourself - in the long run it is this sort of thing that can really damage your self image.

    Building self esteem is not just about thinking good of yourself, it's about not thinking bad for no reason!

  4. Just because you have felt bad about yourself in the past doesn't mean you're always going to feel that way. I have seen hundreds of people surprise themselves once they have learned how to build self confidence in a way that it stays built!

Persevere and don't expect everything at once. Really learn how to develop your self confidence by following the tips from this page and The FREE Self Confidence Course and notice the small differences as they happen. The small wins soon build up and you start to have major positive changes in your life - believe me, that's how it works. Beating low self esteem is a wonderful thing, and it's much easier than you'd imagine.

Developing self confidence and beating low self esteem are easy once you know how! Here's what some of the 10,000 people already enjoying increased confidence have to say about the course:

It's no accident that some people seem to be highly confident. They simply know how to do it! Belief in yourself and your abilities is a skill, and it can be learned.

Whether you need help with low self-esteem, have an issue with shyness and lack of self-confidence in your life, or if you simply want a a booster to get you through an interview, presentation or meeting... you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Click below...

Free Self-Confidence Course

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