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Writing a Journal Helps You Heal Faster and


Dr Joe Mercola tells you how..

Dr MercolaWhat a powerful and inexpensive tool to help you heal. New research confirms that purging your emotions out on paper could help your wounds heal quicker.

I have written about the power of journaling your emotions before. Previous research published four years ago in JAMA showed that this tool was enormously useful in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

It is tragic that many of us forget the basics when it comes to healing. I believe that spiritual resources are the highest level of healing

Many may not be familiar with the mechanics of journaling so let me expand on them here:

Journaling is not complex. All one requires is a minimum of twenty minutes, you can go longer, but twenty minutes is the bare minimum. You should find a quiet spot where you will not be interrupted and sit with a pen and paper.

You might have trouble starting to write. Many people notice this. If this is the case, just keep the pen moving and write fake words or circles. The only rule in this type of journaling is to keep your pen moving. Do not stop and ponder. Just write whatever comes to your mind. You will be pleasantly surprised how you quickly get into writing what is troubling you.

Personally, I have found that the journaling is even more effective when one's brain waves are in a slow rate. I typically will use the Holosync technology to help with this.

The healing in journaling actually comes from the writing, not in reviewing it at a later date. Many have fears of writing everything they need to for fear of someone reading it at a later date. That is why it is crucial to burn or destroy the paper afterwards. You must actually light a fire and destroy the paper. If you fail to do this, your subconscious will prevent you from writing everything you need to.

You may think this step is optional or trivial, but please believe me when I tell you that this is an absolutely essential part of the process.

Alternatively you could type instead of journaling if a keyboard is easier to use for you. In that case you would merely delete the file after typing it.

Normally one will notice improvement in the condition one is journaling about within a few days. It truly is an amazing technology that requires virtually no investment other than your time.

Try it, you might like it. Dr. Joe is at:

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