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Heart Intelligence

Planet Rising

Since he has been on Earth, Man has had to face a dangerous environment. For that, he developed his rational intellect, which is a left brain activity. But this form of intelligence has its limits. The Kosovo war and many other events preceding and inevitably to follow, show that something is missing. The Western world is full of IQ teaching oriented to the left brain - rational and irrational focused thought processes, but not a single school for EQ (Emotional Intelligence) which fully encompasses and integrates right brain activity - non-verbal, holistic thought processes including emotions based on perception of real experience and the resulting intuitive feelings.

EQ is the factor that our culture lacks, so that all too often, instead of acting with integrated reason and feelings, we react with the emotional maturity of spoilt children. Emotions drive our behaviour, and then we use our rational intelligence to justify such behaviour. The lies that result destroy our spiritual integrity.

In the whole of life, you have only two ways:

  1. The way of Love and it's components:
    • empathy,
    • trust,
    • certainty,
    • confidence,
    • understanding, etc...
  2. The way of Fear and it's components:
    • lies,
    • refusal to understand,
    • harmful acts,
    • withheld communication, etc...

This is the whole scene regarding those old archetypes: forces of the light and forces of the dark. At any moment, we can be part of either one side or the other depending on whether we act through love or through fear. As we create every second, our creation is either towards light or darkness. And God, which is the sum of all consciousness, encompasses both our light and our darkness. Earth experience is mainly the opportunity to decide which way (towards light or dark) we want to create.

There is clearly a great need for an increased understanding and practice of Emotional Intelligence in our culture. In the world of business, factors that are really important to succeed in an ethical manner are dependent on EQ: the co-operation of employees, creativity and open-mindedness, understanding of another's point of view, ability to use empathy in negotiations, the quality of leadership and communication.

These factors are equally important in the running of schools, health services, local government and politics. They are an essential part of our personal and spiritual development and perhaps most importantly, they are principles that our children need to be taught.

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'A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong
gives it a superficial appearance of being right,
and raises a formidable outcry in defence of custom'
(Thomas Paine 'Common Sense')


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