Learn Hawaiian shamanism
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Masterwoman Rima A.
Morrell (with 15 years training to teach)

1. Shamanic healing light center - The Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge
Shamanic Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge is a center that practices shamanic energy healing including ceremonial ritual and esoteric and magickal exploration

2. American Indian Art
Beautiful American Indian art posters that you can buy, or send as an e-card.

3. AncientWays Center for the Shamanic Arts
AncientWays Center for the Shamanic Arts

4. BlueDog Services
BlueDog Services

5. Crystal Visions:  books and gifts that touch the spirit
Crystal Visions:  books and gifts that touch the spirit

6. Emotional Clearing
Emotional Clearing

7. Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic
National online school of magick and shamanism teaching practical esoteric techniques, including wiccan spells, elemental magick and native american rituals.

8. Nancy Hayward, Shamanic Counselor
Nancy Hayward, cross cultural shamanic counselor and healer, works with ancient methods to help restore personal power and spiritual wholeness.

9. Neoarchaic Ecstatic Shamanic Techniques - Shaman Jade Wah oo Grigori
Shamanic ceremonial wisdom from an authentic Shaman, Jade Wahoo Grigori, including current offerings, shamanism is relevant to the contemporary world.

10. Nicholas Noble Wolf, Traditional Shaman and Honored Man
Traditional shaman from an ancient Native American lineage offers you shamanic doctoring, ceremonials, classes and workshops. Included are articles on shamanism as well as a discussion group on traditional shamanism.

11. parashakti

12. Quantum Shaman: Immortality, Carlos Castaneda, Shamanism, Life After Death, Eye Scry Designs
The quest for immortality begins here. The destruction of faith is the beginning of evolution. Entirely by our own efforts, we can achieve an evolution of consciousness. Castaneda, don Juan.

13. Shaman Links - Information on Shamanism, Links to Shamanic Teachers and Shaman Healers By State
Shamanic Information, The Story of the Shaman, how does the shaman heal, this site provides various resources on shamanism, and links to shamanic practitioners, healers and teachers.

14. Shaman s Door
a doorway to a shamans world

15. Shaman Sandy Bernstein - Healing Shaman
Healing Beyond Your Body - A Uniquely Effective Approach toward Wellness. Shaman Sandy Bernstein channels energy from spirits, to heal what other healing practitioners are often unable to heal.

16. SHAMAN SAPIENCE - Shamanism & Spiritualism
Shamanist Ahi-Ekara-Kai-Roto aka BluWolf

17. Shaman World - Your Guide for the Inner Journey
On-line shamanic consultations. Our teachings offer spiritual tools that encourage people to understand, access, and learn to live as their shaman selves, in their own unique way.

18. Shamanic Breathwork and Venus Rising
Certification Trainings in Pastoral Counseling, Shamanic Breathwork, and Transformative Counseling Skills.

19. Shamanic Healing - Alternative Health Care
Shamanic Healing - Alternative Health Care

20. Shamanic Touch Healing - Healing at its best
Shaman Spirit - Healing ways by Serge Martel: Serge specializes shamanic touch healing, reiki, charka clearings, home and business clearings

21. ShamanicVisions

22. Shamanism and Shamanic workshops with the Sacred Trust, UK
The Sacred Trust is a UK-based educational organisation concerned with the teaching of practical shamanism. We offer an ongoing curriculum of courses and trainings with some of the most significant teachers of shamanism in the world today.

23. Shamanism: Foundation for Shamanic Studies founded by Michael Harner
Shamanism: Foundation for Shamanic Studies founded by Michael Harner

24. shamanism:in the UK with Eagle s Wing Centre for Contemporary shamanism
Shamanism and shamanic teachings, humankinds oldest healing path, offers ways for people to become aware of their potential, and to explore their spiritual relationship to the world and themselves.

25. - Contemporary Shamanism - Practice and Study
Shamans cave offers resources, articles, insights, practices, mailing lists, discussions, internet relay chat channels, based on contemporary shamanism

26. Spiritual Leadership from the Shamanic Perspective
Leadership Secrets from Our Collective Unconscious Mind Is your company sick? You may need Jungle Medicine for the Corporate Soul

27. The Five Shaman Circles
Shamans in San Francisco working to heal ourselves and the Earth through ritual, individual and group work. We specialize in the healing of religious trauma and dysfunction among enlightened Women and Men. Resources available on Shamanism and other ancient spiritual practice.

28. The Path of the Eastern Light
The Path of the Eastern Light promotes personal growth and transformation through education and spiritual healing using Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and Shamanism, and more!

29. Welcome to Bearwalker s Shamanic Teachings and Techniques
Resources for those who are interested in shamanism.

30. Welcome to EarthThunder
Ascended Teacher of the Ancient School of Mysteries. Gathering peoples and children who seek re-awakening their wild freedom. She speaks through EarthThunder.

31. Welcome to Shamanism Today
Welcome to Shamanism Today

32. Womens-net Regional Directory for Women in Business
Womens net aim to list women who work within the laws of Mother Nature, to support the complete integration of body, mind and spirit thus contributing to the growth of humanity

33. World of Diona and Shaman RPG
Website for the Shaman RPG and World or Diona roleplay setting.

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