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There is, of course, a lot of concern over mercury from dental silver fillings as a health hazard. There is fear and real pressure on an individual to get these removed. The situation is not helped by some of the writers who have established themselves in this field as experts - their stories and writings often quote bizarre and uncommon examples and create a real sense of anxiety for the lay person. It is not true that if you have loose mercury swilling around your tissues that you are going to die young! But it is certainly true that you are better off without this insidious and deadly poison. The question is: how easy (and safe) is it to get rid of it?

Beware of some of the claims made and proceed with caution (I'm not a dentist, do not want your money, and therefore I'll try and be objective).

I'm all for spreading knowledge. But the subject of removing mercury from the body and especially the brain, is a complex and tricky one. There is no really well accepted technique, despite wild claims. DMPS and DMSA are often used, for example, without clear certainty that these substances are safe. I have heard it recommended that we administer DMPS at the level of 3 mgms per kilo of body weight. That is far too much: 1 mgm per kilo is enough and far less toxic. There can be very unpleasant side effects from this chelator. The less the better. It is related to a WW1 nerve gas antagonist British Anti-Lewisite or BAL, which is so rough you could only make soldiers take it - nobody else would!

Unfortunately, researches show that DMPS and DMSA do not properly remove mercury from the central nervous system and yet can redistribute mercury to it..... (with some nasty side effects!). In fact neither DMSA or DMPS remove intracellular mercury, and they are both fairly ineffective, quantitatively (DMSA removes max 5-10 % of brain and liver load. A cautionary tale comes from a German report that showed a man who had been chelated for over a year who still got cancer later and when he died and was autopsied, was found to have massive mercury residues everywhere. It was supposed that a good job had been done removing his mercury with chelation for long period of time.

The good news is that Lipoic acid does remove mercury from the nervous system, and does substantially accelerate mercury clearance. This will potentiate lower, safer doses of DMPS or DMSA, thus reducing side effects. However, even here there is a catch: lipoic acid allows mercury to move through nerve cell membranes in both directions, thus using it when there is a high blood level of mercury (such as shortly after amalgam removal) can lead to the redistribution of large amounts of mercury into the nervous system. The trick then is to wait 3 months till after your amalgams have been removed, and then add in the lipoic acid. Take bigger doses than normal: say 600-800 mgm daily, in divided doses.

[TIP: Cilantro as a chelator has this same problem. Same advice applies]

Ray Saarela recommends somewhat safer chelation with substances like Liquid Kyolic, Cabbage,Rutin, NAC, E-vitamin, Zinc, B-complex-vitamins and supporting liver also with Glycine, Glucuronic acid, Phosphates, magnesium sulfate, and especially paying attention for the intestinal flora and digestion, perhaps taking enzymes like papain and bromelain might not hurt either. I would add glutathione and chlorella, for sure. If in doubt, stick with chlorella.

He is not against chelation - we need it, he knows that - but he is one of the severest critics of current practices.

A similar story is told in one of the chapters of Virtual Medicine, along with other fascinating and bizarre facts about teeth and the dangers of dentistry.


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