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What is homotoxicology?


Despite a clumsy name, homotoxicology is a wonderful natural healing science. It is a therapeutic branch which enables deep cleansing of the body tissues, removing old toxins, disease processes and degenerative debris, leaving the fluids clean, fresh and able to function as intended.

Based on homeopathy, but not quite the same thing, homotoxicology is the brain child of German doctor Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985). Knowing homeopathy and drawing on a vast knowledge of herbal lore and medicines, he compounded a store of remedies which trod a line between folk medicine and basic plant pharmacology. In the course of time it has proved itself so well that tens of thousands of German doctors use it in daily practice, although less well known in the rest of the world. It has been also called the German system of homeopathy, though this is slightly comical, since the original system of homeopathy was also invented by a German, Samuel Hahnemann.


Whereas so much molecular medicine is aimed at the cell, as if it were the sole seat of disease, Dr. Alfred Pischinger, then professor of Histology and Embryology in Vienna, saw with great insight that the extracellular fluids were the key to health. These fluids, which Pischinger called the "matrix", or ground regulation system, because it supports everything else, brings nutrition, oxygen, hormone messengers and other vital substances to the tissues and removes excretion products, toxins and the residue of old diseases. Cells may be important but not a separate entity, because they cannot exist without being nurtured in this matrix. Reckeweg pursued Pischingerís matrix model and devized ways to use natural substances to support, clean and revitalize the extracellular matrix. Most of the classic homeopathic remedies are still there, though used slightly differently.

I have reproduced a diagram of the matrix here. It's the best I could find. I hope it sheds some light.

pischinger's matrix

It shows the matrix being fed by blood from the heart and drained away by venous blood and lymphatic drainage (doctors tend to forget this aspect of tissue hygiene). The connective tissue cells are floating in the extracellular fluid. The whole is supplied by the nervous system, which helps regulate it. But many chemical messengers also control this matrix: hormones, of course. Also cytokines (literally means cell motivators).


The key variation is the use of mixtures, which classic homeopaths frown upon. But Reckeweg ignored the dogma and carried out decades of practical research, demonstrating conclusively that the formulations worked and worked well. He made compounds which would support the liver and kidneys, which would work for flu, diabetes, women's problems, stimulate metabolism, tone up the immune system, retard tumours, repair inflammation, act as pain-killers and so on. In other words these are function-based medicines. The mixtures give rise to yet another name you may encounter "complex homeopathy". Not all remedies are mixtures of substances however; some are single remedies in a mixtures of potencies (called a "chord", after the musical term for several notes sounding at once).

There are key advantages to using potency chords:

  1. Deeper action
  2. Fewer initial aggravations than classical dosing
  3. Doses can be repeated
  4. Broader spectrum of effect
  5. No problems selecting the appropriate potency
  6. No problems in assessing the duration or spectrum of action
  7. Mixing high and low potencies produces an effect that lies somewhere in between: rapid onset (low potency) and long-lasting action (high potency)
  8. Faster action
  9. Potency stages retain their own effects


To give an instance of this mixture modality and explain it more clearly, let us consider in detail one of Reckewegís original compounds called Tonsilla compositum. It contains 30 remedies in all, some herbal, some mineral, potentized vitamin C and powerful healing substances called nosodes, which are based on original disease processes but diluted many many times (quite safe). In addition there is the "message" or "formula" for healthy key tissues, to help the body get its act together in harmony, as it should be (we call these remedies "sarcodes", a term which should not be confused with the disease sarcoidosis).

The full list is as follows:


Lymph glands
Bone marrow
Umbilical cord
Adrenal gland HORMONES

Natural cortisone


Psorinum-nosode (Black Death)
Fever toxin


Acidum sarcolacticum (sarcolactic acid)


Pulsatilla (wind flower_ Conium maculatum (spotted hemlock)
Gallium aparine (goosegrass)
Echinacea augustifolia (cone-flower)
Aesculus hippocastanum (Horse chestnut)
Coccus cacti


Calcium phosphate
Kalium stibyltartaricum (antimony potassium tartrate)
Mercurius solubilis (mixture containing essentially mercuroamidonitrate)
Barium carbonicum (barium carbonate)


Acidum ascorbicum (vitamin C)



A popular homeopathic external application manufactured by HEEL, Traumeel, has been studied for its efficacy in the treatment of sprained ankles. This combination of 14 remedies in 2x to 6x potencies was given to subjects with sprained ankles.

After 10 days, 24 of the 33 patients who were given the homeopathic medicine were pain-free, while 13 of 36 patients given a placebo experienced a similar degree of relief. This same medicine was also used in the treatment of traumatic hemarthrosis (joint swollen with blood) and was shown to significantly reduce healing time as compared to a placebo. Objective measurements of joint swelling and movement and evaluation of the synovial fluid at injury were assessed.

A study of 61 patients with varicose veins was performed double-blind and placebo- controlled.25 Three doses of a popular German combination of eight homeopathic medicines were given daily for 24 days. Measures were venous filling time, leg volume, and subjective symptoms. The study found that venous filling time improved in those given the homeopathic medicines by 44%, while it deteriorated in the placebo group by 18%. Other measures also had significant differences.


Reckeweg devized and ingenious model of disease he called progressive vicariation (progressive, in this sense, means getting worse). The first three are excretion, reaction and deposition. The poisons cause the body to first start to reject the toxin - excretion. We look on a runny nose or diarrhoea as healthy ways to get rid of the toxin and these processes should not be blocked, but aided to conclusion. If excretion is not effective, the the body will start to react to the toxin and symptoms will result. If the process continues, then there is accumulation of the toxin or the deposition phase. From here on things start to become serious.

In the next phase, impregnation, the toxin becomes more permanently embedded in the matrix. Next comes the degeneration phase, where cells, tissues and organs become damaged and start to die and decay. Finally, we enter the de-differentiation stage where malignant tumours are the norm! Death can be expected to follow.

We can summarize all this in a simple table like this:

Locality of Tissue Changes

Descriptive Term

Humoral phases
In the fluids of the body

Excretion phase

Reaction phase

Matrix phases
In the connective tissues

Deposition phase

Impregnation phase

Cellular phases
In the cells and organs

Degeneration phase



NOW you understand the term homotoxicology. It is the investigation and removal of auto-toxins, that is self-generated toxins which accumulate within the body and cause damage. NOT homeopathy, as such, you will readily see. But a keenly related discipline.

Unlike orthodox medicine (sometimes called allo-pathic, in contrast), we take the view that it is possible to reverse some of this degeneration process. Wherever you start, you can always improve it, sometimes quite a lot.

WARNING: common sense says that the further down this series of phases you go, the harder it is to reverse the process. I've seen homotoxicology remedies work miracles. But you cannot expect to cure everything if there has been a lifetime of abuse and overload.


Homotoxicology has a lot to offer in the battle against cancer. I have explained how progressive deterioration of the body's own cleansing system leads to gradual compromise of the defence mechanisms. Eventually, as the process nears an end and the "biological age" of the body tissues (the biological vitality of the tissues, as opposed to the calendar age), neoplasms or cancer changes are seen as almost inevitable on this model. It makes sense, then, that reversing this process will gain valuable points in the fight against a tumour. The more you help the body recapture its lost biological age, the better it can compete with the invasive cells. It's like turning back the clock!

A basic attack would be to use a detox formula and liver support (there are several), Lymphomyosot, or similar mesenchyme cleanser, and a general anti-viral (more and more cancers are being found to have a viral basis), specific detoxes for acquired vaccine abuse of the immune system (a complex job, requiring skilled medical advice), then tissue stimulants, such as glyoxal and Psorino-heel, and finally, as the situation warrants it, some viscum preparation. I use HEEL's own Viscum compositum, and alternate it with an Echinacea complex (again, this is a compounded formula, with 25 other ingredients than the Echinacea).


Two ways. Firstly, life-long use of these remedies is a better way enable healing. The majority of treatments conventional medicine uses are simply ways of suppressing the disease, not aiding nature in bringing about a cure. Aware doctors have already observed that this simply drives the pathological process underground, only to emerge in later life as a chronic and often degenerative disease. Homotoxicology not only helps cure the disease, it removes the whole process so that, as it were, there is no mess left behind to haunt the invalid in years to come.

Secondly, there are a number of compounds which will support organs and keep them vibrant and efficient until late in life. Thus there is Hepar compositum, to help the liver and Solidago compositum or Populus compositum, to stimulate kidney drainage. Cerebrum comp. is great for the ageing brain and Ovarium comp. and Testis comp. may help in maintaining the vitality of sex hormones until much later in life. Aesculus (horse chestnut) and Cretaegus (hawthorn) have been known since times immemorial as cures for arterial and heart problems; now we have Aesculus comp. and Cretaegus-heel.


But that is not all. Reckeweg was very modern and compounded formulas based upon knowledge of the citric acid or "Krebís cycle", the intra-cellular process which generates all our energies. Each of the ten steps of the citric acid cycle needs a special "catalyst" or enzyme, which results in a new intermediate substance (it is called a cycle because eventually it goes back to where it started and runs continuously). Reckeweg found that his method worked just as well on each step of this life-giving cycle and stimulating "intermediate catalysts" is now a key part of homotoxicology. It is one of the great boosts against the slowing down process of ageing.

The energy cycle I am talking about is only as efficient as its weakest link. It makes sense therefore to give remedies which assist each stage of the process. Some catalysts are very specific and have important far-reaching consequences. For example: Acidum DL malicum is a fantastic detox compound. It also helps oxygenation and so is good for the heart and circulation. But also respiratory and skin problems. It should be given only with acidum fumaricum D6 (fumaric acid at potency 6X).


  • Paresis, neuralgia, toxic neuritis, vegetative dystonia, migraine
  • Eczema ("neurodermitis"), itching (including pruritus vulvae), psoriasis, vitiligo, pemphigus, scleroderma
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Gastric and duodenal ulcer, hepatosis, cirrhosis of the liver and injurious hepatic disorders, pancreopathy
  • Kidney disease, eg. nephrosis and chronic nephritis
  • Myocardial impairment, angina pectoris, treatment subsequent to myocardial infaction, arteriosclerosis, cerebral sclerosis
  • Hormone dysfunction and dysregulation of endocrine glands, eg. diabetes mellitus, over and under-active thyroid
  • Pre-cancerous and de-differentiation phases (previously: neoplasm phases) within any tissue whatsoever
  • During and ensuing X-ray and radioactive exposure (several enzymes, eg. maleate dehydrogenase, are sensitive to radiation)
  • Blood manufacturing disorders: thrombocytopenia, leucopenia


Depending on local laws in your country, you may be able to prescribe for yourself. Very many of Reckeweg's remedies are available over the counter and by mail order.

Formulas to try are as follows:

  • IMMUNE FUNCTION: Echinacea comp., Engystol, Lymphomyosot
  • DETOX: Berberis homaccord, Nux vom homaccord, Lymphomyosot
  • ORGANS: Hepar comp (liver), Solidago comp (kidneys), Populus comp (kidneys)
  • GENERAL DEFENCES: Tonsilla comp, Discus comp
  • INCREASING CELLULAR ENERGY: Coenzyme comp, Ubichinon comp.


All these remedies are best given by injection but all can be taken by mouth, with considerable benefit. You simply place a few drops in water and swallow. They can be mixed together. Some formulations require you dissolve the remedy in a litre or so of water and drink that throughout the day, then skip 2 days and repeat (one day on, two days off, if that's easier)

NOTE: I have used throughout the product names of major German manufacturers HEEL (herba est ex luce (Latin): "plants are from light"). There are other quality producers of complex homeopathy products and we must mention in particular also Dr Reckeweg (company name), Noma and US firms BHI and Futureplex. Each produces a manual/catalogue which explains the rationale of their formulations in detail.

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