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Natural Balance and Bowel Cleansing


by Graeme Delglyn

Natural Balance works at several key levels. It helps eliminate heavy metals and toxins from the body and cleans out the digestive organs, particularly the liver and kidneys. Natural Balance is the most thorough liver cleanse I have had the privilege of working with. By cleansing the liver and other digestive organs it helps improve blood quality. I know this because a US-based colleague conducted a clinical study using Darkfield Microscopy, a live blood analysis technique. The lab technicians declared that Natural Balance produced by far the most significant results of any product they had tested, adding that the blood quality at the end of the exercise had risen to “the highest life form available under Darkfield testing”.

The herbs and seeds travel into the bowel and begin the long process of shifting the impacted faecal matter which could have been accumulating there over the years. I wouldn’t be surprised if part of your first ‘Big Mac’ is still somewhere inside you. You may remember a story that surfaced some years ago about one of the NASA astronauts; they found traces of mother’s milk in his colon.

Cleansing with Natural Balance is really important. You can appreciate how sometimes when you have the urge for a bowel movement, you are too busy and instead opt to put it out of mind. Well with Natural Balance you don’t get that choice. You have to honour it. If you start the programme and feel it is bringing on a mild case of diarrhoea then something which shouldn’t be in the colon is at last shifting. Anything untoward – headaches, fatigue, stomach grumbling, flatulence, diarrhoea or whatever unusual is probably a sign that Natural Balance is working.

Even for many months into the programme, you may well see black coloured faecal matter - this is probably the impacted stuff which has been there for years. Uncomfortable as the initial results may be at first, you want this o-u-t of your body where it can’t cause any further toxic damage. Believe me there’ll be more tomorrow. If your profession doesn’t allow you to have bowel movements as and when the need arises (deep sea divers, train drivers etc), just get used to the timings of them.

If a client asks me how long he/she should go on Natural Balance, I would suggest one year as a minimum. Ask an iridologist about gut issues and they will likely tell you the healing lines don’t appear in the eyes for between twelve to eighteen months. 

Many other cleansing products can only be used for a limited period otherwise they can cause damage. This is not the case with these herbs which are very gentle and can be taken indefinitely. What’s really important to know and appreciate is that Natural Balance works slowly. This is where it succeeds over any other product I have used. It can take years for your digestive system to get into a mess and it can take years to get it out of that mess. Please don’t say to yourself “I’m OK!” There’s a good chance you’re deluding yourself and your denial can cost you dearly. I have been taking these herbs since 1996 and I will continue to do so until the day the air is fresh, the water is clean and there are no more chemicals in food. We clean our face, hair and teeth regularly and it is equally important to think about cleansing the inside of our bodies as well.

The old adage “You are what you eat” can also be viewed from a perspective: “You are what you absorb” or “You are what you don’t eliminate.” We should have at least two bowel movements each day to evacuate the waste within us. The colon holds between four or five meals at most, so it should be one meal in, one bowel movement out. Only one bowel movement a day means faecal matter is impacting and backing up in our systems. If you want to know what happens then, read Norman Walker’s “Colon Health” or Bernard Jensen’s “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management.” Or just read on.....

When faecal matter impacts within the colon it putrefies. To get an idea of what I am saying, just put the leftovers of your next meal into a zip lock bag and leave it by the kitchen window in the sunshine. The temperature of your gut has a similar effect as the sun. Putrefying faecal matter is potent stuff. A real giveaway is when people break wind. If there is any associated bad smell, it indicates a toxic gut. How on earth did that smell get there in the first place? It is certainly not a normal gut response because a healthy colon with no inflammation or irritation, fed on healthy foods produces little or no flatulence.

The point of keeping and maintaining a clean colon is to achieve internal hygiene. Let’s take an example of what can happen if there is putrefying faecal matter within. Instead of being evacuated, the toxins seep out through the thin mucus membrane lining of the colon wall into surrounding organs, tissue and blood vessels. I am not surprised by the increased concern with constipation, bowel disorders, obesity, prostate issues in men and vaginal yeast infections in women. The surrounding terrain has probably been a toxic dump site for years.

Over the past eight years I have aided men with all manner of prostate issues. If you can look at an anatomy chart of that area, you will see how close the descending colon is in relation to the prostate gland. If you re-read the paragraph above, you’ll understand how the prostate gland can become inflamed and irritated by toxins from nearby putrefying faecal matter.

And damage from toxins isn’t limited to the prostate. All disorders have a reflex effect on specific organs throughout the body. Just look at any colon chart to see what vital meridians run through the colon. Blockages in the ascending colon can bring about hay fever, asthma, vitamin and calcium deficiencies and nasal catarrh. Similar blockages in the transverse colon may create symptoms in the trachea, oesophagus, throat, heart, pylorus and stomach; in the descending colon, blockages may give rise to symptoms in the pancreas, adrenals, kidneys genitals, testes, bladder, mammary glands, uterus and prostate. “Health and Sickness both have their roots in the colon.” Dr. Norman Walker

I’ve too many examples to give of Natural Balance benefiting clients who suffered all sorts of symptoms and long term infestations. Although neither of the following two cases were my own client, I will tell two tales of what is important to me - the elimination of residual medications and antibiotics from our body.

The first is the story is of a man who went on Natural Balance for the first time to alleviate his constipation. Some months prior to this he had been treated for venereal disease at another clinic. After a short period on Natural Balance, symptoms of his venereal disease returned, this time on their way out of the body. All those injections or medications previously administered had simply buried the condition in deep tissue. 

The second case was a female client who had previously been on high dosages of antibiotics for dental-related work. On this occasion she had not taken antibiotics for over two years. After she commenced Natural Balance, each time she urinated she could smell the antibiotics again. On this occasion they were leaving her body. Now think about the huge implications of tissue cleansing at such deep root levels!

The next stories were clients of mine. The first involved a man with some psychic abilities. He embarked on Natural Balance in order to generally detox. After taking his first capsule, he went to bed expecting to fall asleep but as he lay there his third eye opened and he could see his heart surrounded by tentacle-like filaments which were losing their hold as he watched. Over the next few days his sense of smell noticeably improved and on day three he felt his heart chakra open up.

One young lady told me of her life-long allergy to cats. Her best friend’s parents kept cats at home and for years she could never go past her best friend’s front door. After three months on Natural Balance she had a dream in which a black panther was pacing back and forward in front of her. After a short while the panther stopped, turned to her and said “We can be friends now.” Since that night she can visit her friend’s home whenever she wants without any allergic reaction.

There are too many other similar stories like these. A Craniosacral therapist told me how Natural Balance helped bring about more intense sessions with clients; so many others have described their emotional release of trauma having embarked on Natural Balance.

I urge you to try it for yourself and observe the positive changes in your own life. You are welcome to contact me if you would like specific questions answered first.

Graeme Delglyn
Resources For Life
Tel (England) 0800 074 4279 (Freephone only in UK)
graeme -@- (remove the dashes and gaps)


Ingredients: Fennel Seed, Psyllium Seed Husk, Rhubarb Root, Peppermint Leaves, Black Seed, Cumin Seed, Cinnamon Stick, Ginger Root

A 100 year old recipe which helps to cleanse the colon, liver and other digestive organs, breaking down and removing old putrefactive faecal build up in the large and small intestines. The programme is gentle yet very purgative. Taken regularly it accelerates the cleansing process and helps keep the intestinal system in a state of internal hygiene. Natural Balance cleanses and re-educates the muscle tone and helps return healthy peristaltic action to the colon. The fibre in Natural Balance also helps eliminate heavy metals, toxins and other poisons from the body’s cells.

Considered to be ‘colonics in a capsule’, Natural Balance is a safe alternative to colonic irrigation and is vital for anyone embarking on an anti-parasite or an anti-Candida programme. Although Natural Balance can be used on its own as an exceptional detox, anyone wanting to use Clear to eliminate parasites or Harmony to rebuild the gut lining should start by using Natural Balance as a primary cleanse.

Graeme Delglyn

The cost of Natural Balance (60 capsules) is £22.95 plus postage.

Natural Balance is available from Resources For Life in England 0800 074 4279 website:

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